Residential cleaner or housekeeper job in Canada

Residential cleaner or housekeeper job in Canada

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Residential cleaner or housekeeper job in Canada

Residential cleaner or housekeeper job in Canada. If so, you’re likely interested in learning about the average salary and benefits of this profession. As a residential cleaner, you’ll be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the homes of your clients on a weekly or monthly basis.

Residential cleaner or housekeeper job in Canada
Residential cleaner or housekeeper job in Canada

Job Description of a Residential Cleaner & Housekeeper:

Cleaning personnel, also known as housekeepers or residential cleaners, are responsible for maintaining the tidiness and sanitation of a residence. They are typically employed either directly by a family or through an agency. The job description usually consists of dusting, vacuuming, polishing furniture and floors, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, windows and other areas of the residence.

Duties & Responsibilities:

As a residential cleaner or housekeeper in Canada, your primary job is to maintain the cleanliness of your clients’ homes or businesses.
You are responsible for dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, doing laundry and ironing, changing bed linens and curtains, tidying up the living area, and other tasks as assigned by the customer.
To ensure quality service and create a pleasant atmosphere in your clients’ homes or businesses, you should perform all tasks with a great level of detail.
Experience in housekeeping is an asset. Furthermore, you need to be aware of safety considerations while cleaning different substances (such as bleach) and know how to properly take care of surfaces such as hardwood floors.
A professional attitude is also required—you should be organized and able to multitask efficiently. Finally, you should be available on weekends if requested by the customer.


Qualifications requirements:

As a residential cleaner and housekeeper, you will be required to maintain a certain level of professionalism and skill. Depending on your experience, you may need to obtain certification or professional qualifications.
The most common requirements for this role are:
Understanding of basic cleaning practices and techniques
Knowledge of safety protocols and procedures
Ability to use cleaning products, tools and equipment correctly
Physical fitness to handle lifting tasks
Excellent communication skills for dealing with customers


Average Salary:

According to Canadian Payroll, the average salary for residential cleaners and housekeepers in Canada is $13.64-$20.30 per hour, with the mid-level wages being $16.52 per hour. This is fairly competitive when compared to the national median wage of $14 per hour. Additionally, some employers may offer bonuses or commission when a job is completed faster than expected or with exceptional results.
Benefits of Working as a Residential Cleaner in Canada
Working as a Residential Cleaner in Canada comes with a range of benefits. It’s fairly easy to get a job in this field, and you can expect competitive pay, flexible work hours, and other great perks.

Competitive Pay

The average salary for Residential Cleaners in Canada is $17.50 per hour – that’s over double the country’s minimum wage! With the right experience and qualifications, you can make even more.
Flexible Working Hours
Depending on your employer, you may be able to set your own working hours or take on part-time contracts. This can be perfect for those looking to start their own business or fit work around family commitments.

Job Security

Residential Cleaners jobs are secure – since homeowners will always require cleaning services, there is always demand for experienced professionals! Plus, with an increasing number of people looking to outsource their chores and duties to trusted professionals, there are plenty of opportunities for growth in this sector.

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