Security Guard Jobs In Dubai 2021

Security Guard Jobs In Dubai 2021

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Security Guard Jobs In Dubai 2021

Security Guard Jobs In Dubai 2021. Employment is the need of the day and people are searching for availing the opportunity of whatever job they get. They prefer the job out of their country because they find it more reliable. And, to fulfil the needs, Dubai is considered to be the most popular city which provides ways and opportunities to the needy ones, regarding jobs and employment. Different types of jobs are available according to the qualification but those who are not much eligible for high posts job. For them, jobs like waiter/waitress, cashier, hotel jobs, and security guards are available, but for security guards jobs, the young ones are mostly preferred as it requires much strength and power to deal with.

Well, Dubai is offering you lots of job opportunities special as a security guarding job. Let’s see some of the features of it.

Responsibilities of the security guard

He has to maintain the environment, staff, and the property of the company safe and secure, and he is allowed to use any kind of weapon when needed and especially for defence

He has to be alert all the time and keep observing signs and alarms to take precautionary measures on the spot.

Every step should be taken with the limitations of laws.

The security guard screens unauthorized persons at the entrance of particular organizations or companies and he is allowed to not let them enter if he finds something suspicious.

Eligibility criteria

  • The one who is extremely trained and physically fit would be highly considered
  • He should have done a similar role in the related field.
  • The normal age of the individual would be above 22 years.
  • A person with a 5’6 height would be highly considered

 Company:  Agile Guards & Surveillance Services LLC

Job position : security guard/ CCTV Operator

Job location: Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Nation:  selective


Skills required for security guard

No matter, in what field we are, we need to be very skillful for what we are applying, only then we can tackle the circumstances, the job of security guard needs some special skills which are as under:

  • Observational skills:

The perfect observational skills are required if you want to apply for this, as the guard has to keep an eye on all the happenings around him so that he can feel the disturbance and suspense in the environment

  • Technical skills:

A security guard has to be aware of all the latest technological tools and their usages like the working of two-way radio, CCTV cameras and laptop/computer for recording logs.

  • Physical skills:

Physical fitness is the condition of this job, he should be physically fit and powerful to work for the one he is guarding whether a person or company.

  • Communication skills:

He should be aware of all the challenges of communication between the boss and the situation to rely on the emergency situation on time.

What is the salary of a security guard?

Different companies are hiring individuals on different salary packages but the most common and reliable salary is around 4000AED and 20% of housing, 8% for transport, and 11% of other expenses are monthly compensations.

Where can you apply for a job?

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants/hotels
  • Industries
  • Banks
  • Organization
  • Malls & shopping centers
  • Educational institution
  • Health care sectors

It is not about the particular place, in fact, we need security guards in all the fields to protect ourselves from any kind of mishappening in our lives. Security Guard Jobs In Dubai 2021

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