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Almost two years ago, work-from-home was the default work arrangement in Singapore, opening the door to multiple jobs and side hustles. There’s no legal prohibition to working two full-time jobs, and the Ministry of Manpower has issued an advisory stating that it’s perfectly acceptable for employees to take on a second job without conflict of interest. So, what exactly should you consider before taking on a second job?


Average salary increase

The average increase in pay for a multi-job professional in Singapore will increase by 3% to 4.9% between now and 2022, according to Mercer’s newest Trends in Compensation study. This survey predicts hiring and salary trends in different industries. The latest survey of Singapore employers reveals that 71% of companies plan to offer a salary increase of 3% or more in 2021/2022. In contrast, nearly three in ten (9%) employers are looking at salary increases of less than 3%.

Companies in booming industries tend to provide higher raises, and more often. The rise in pay is closely related to the economic situation in the region or country, so increment rates tend to vary. More experienced staff can command higher salaries than less-experienced employees, as they are easier to hire and retain. In addition, companies with higher turnover rates have a harder time recruiting and retaining staff. Despite the high cost of recruiting and retaining workers, the average salary increase for multiple jobs in Singapore will continue to rise.

Despite the fact that Singapore’s unemployment rate has remained low for the past several years, companies in the region plan to offer higher salaries next year. The region is recovering from the effects of the pandemic and is now tackling the challenge of retaining workers. Willis Towers Watson, a global advisory firm, estimates that salary increases in the region will average 3.5% in 2022, which is higher than the growth in wages in the region.

Number of job vacancies

The latest employment figures in Singapore show that the job market is on a recovery track. Last year, the number of job vacancies in Singapore reached a record high of 114,000, more than double the level of unemployed people in March 2021. The employment rate improved in the first half of 2021, with the ratio of job vacancies to unemployed people dropping to 2.09 to 1 – or 209 vacancies for every 100 unemployed. But, recovery is uneven across sectors, with domestically-oriented sectors enduring the effects of Covid-19; while growth sectors such as the information and communications industry and the financial and insurance sector have experienced a sustained demand for manpower.


The job market in Singapore is a tight one. There are fewer foreign workers than in the past and the demand for local talents is still high. Singapore has historically relied on foreign talent, but the recent Covid-19 immigration law has made it difficult to attract foreign workers. However, Singapore is not a victim of the Great Resignation, according to official figures. There is likely a varying turnover rate in different sectors, with life sciences and technology industries being in high demand.

According to the Ministry of Manpower, the labour shortage should ease over the next few months, with the availability of foreign workers in non-PMET jobs expected to increase. However, the government’s forecast has cautioned that there may be continued pressure on hiring in consumer-facing industries. The Ministry of Trade and Industry is keeping its GDP growth forecast for Singapore in 2022, but citing increased competition and uncertainty in the region, the economy may continue to struggle to hire and retain the best talent.

Cost of a second job

The cost of a second job in Singapore is on the rise and may soon exceed S$28,000 per month. In addition to salary, the costs of living in Singapore depend on your lifestyle and values. As an example, a social climber might find it more expensive to live in Singapore than a normal person. This article will provide you with a cost breakdown for a second job in Singapore, including the budget options as well as the more luxurious ones.

Working in two or more full-time jobs is allowed in Singapore, though working discreetly is not recommended. Most work contracts will include a clause prohibiting employees from having a second job, and failing to disclose it could cost them their current jobs. If your employer finds out that you have a second job outside your employment, he or she has the right to take disciplinary action, including terminating you or filing a lawsuit for breach of contract.


The government’s 2022 Budget Statement will outline key employment highlights. This includes the introduction of the Progressive Wage Mark (PWM), which prescribes minimum wages tied to training and responsibilities. These measures will affect Singapore citizen and permanent resident workers in sectors like the cleaning industry, the security industry, and the landscape industry listed on NParks’ Landscape Company Register. As for those who are already employed, the PWM may be worth a second look.

How To Apply For Multiple Jobs In Singapore?

To Apply for Farm Worker Jobs in Singapore you have to submit you’re by just Email and apply with the help of the CV Format and be passionate while applying for multiple jobs in Singapore. All the best to all.

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